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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and crunching big data into an intelligible form. Intelligent integration of various data sources to create a bright insight of the current state and trends of marketing. This forms the core of Dagmar’s expertise of today.

We create a better and more comprehensive picture for business and marketing development. We put insights into daily practices and customer touchpoints guided by data in all channels.

Our services in the field of analytics:

* ROI modelling for marketing * identifying drivers impacting business * budget optimisation * sales forecast and scenario tools * analysing social media impacts on business * building KPIs * data strategies * client data analyses and forecast models * analysing and enhancing cross-selling * customer churn management * management of leads and scoring models * buying path analyses *data strategies * attribution modelling * web services development and web analytics * A/B and multivariate testing * predictive conversion optimisation * identifying silent signals * customised machine learning and AI applications *integrating research, analytics and web data