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Brand Building

A brand is being built in people’s minds. It is our passion to be a long-term branding partner with our clients.

We find out what experiences and contents are actually relevant when the aim is to create a long-term emotional bond with people that stands out from the competition.

We choose a working method that best suits the brand status: our qualitative approach combines with the quantitative one especially in the brand creation stage, and we leverage data on an extensive basis.

We integrate research, analytics and web data, in view of the emotional and rational level. We help monitor brand development and identify any adjustments needed.

Our services in the field of brand development:

* brand positioning * defining the brand core and optimal position * message optimisation * brand touchpoints * increasing brand awareness and preference * brand experience optimisation * data-based content creation * ideation of communication concepts * digital brand concepts *advertising pre-tests and campaign post studies * brand development monitoring * brand tracking * brand KPIs * enhancing marketing investment allocation