Data science

We use advanced analytics solutions to crunch diverse data sets into actionable insights – be it big, small or unstructured data. Our key competence is to apply eg machine learning and AI in helping our customers to increase efficiencies in their business and marketing functions in a measurable way. We also develop our own AI technologies that enable the improvement of current tools and processes of our clients.

We intelligently combine heterogeneous data sources in creating a clear view of the current state and the future vision of business and marketing development. We then use that vision and derived insights and turn them into best practices and data-driven customer experiences in all channels.
Our services in this area:

* modelling marketing ROI * identifying key business drivers * attribution modelling * budget optimization * sales forecasting and scenario tools * building KPI dashboards

* customer data analyses and forecasting models * analyzing and increasing cross-selling opportunities * churn prediction * lead management and scoring * customer journey analyses

* optimization algorithms for digital marketing and programmatic buying * text analytics * custom machine learning and AI applications

* integrating research, customer and online data


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