Real-time measurement strengthened SATO’s digital marketing performance and planning

Dagmar and SATO – one of the largest housing providers in Finland – have already been working determinedly for years to take the measurement and optimization of digital marketing forward. The latest tool used by SATO is contribution modeling, which was developed by Dagmar. This enables the optimization of digital marketing performance in real-time across channels and campaigns.


Third-party cookies will be turned off for good in 2024. Till now, SATO has analyzed the performance of digital marketing using attribution modeling, which used third-party cookies. How will they be able to verify and optimize the performance of digital marketing in the future, in real-time, without these cookies?


By utilizing the contribution algorithm developed by Dagmar and real-time marketing data provided by Datacron. The results of contribution modeling are transferred to a dashboard, which is updated daily, where the data is available to teams at Dagmar and SATO for continuous marketing optimization.

“Contribution modeling enables the comparable measurement of all digital marketing channels. It gives us the opportunity to react fast to changing situations and to optimize our marketing: In this way, we can make sure that customers looking for a new rental apartment find SATO’s homes as effectively as possible.”

– Laura Laamanen, Head of marketing and communications at SATO


SATO uses a lot of programmatic planning for digital marketing. With the new system, SATO has renewed their campaign classifications to meet their need for optimization groups. This enables agile optimization of their marketing on a weekly basis, and it can even be sorted by city.