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Driving growth and development through analytics, insights and marketing technologies

Dagmar drive is your trusted partner in marketing transformation. Our areas of expertise include analytics, business intelligence, customer experience and digital marketing. We are equally inspired by everyday consumer insights as well as by cutting-edge AI applications. Dagmar Drive helps you identify business potential, map customer journeys, establish a framework for testing and experimenting. We create scenario tools for predicting future success which are based on knowledge derived from historic data and insights.

We guide you in choosing the right tools and methods to meet your specific needs. We are excited to discover new technologies, eg machine learning, as well as new and better ways of working together. Together with media and content planners, we transform insights into concrete activities that generate growth, improve efficiency and help you take a leap forward to new discoveries.



Our expertise include

Antti Kallio

CBO / Dagmar Drive; RADLY antti.kallio@dagmar.fi

Kirsi Laakso

Customer Insight Director kirsi.laakso@dagmar.fi

Ilkka Keskiväli

Director, Advanced Analytics ilkka.keskivali@dagmar.fi

Henri Kangassalo

Head of SEO henri.kangassalo@dagmar.fi