Influencer marketing

Together with the client, we co-work and formulate an influencer strategy that is aligned with the annual business objectives and marketing plans. If needed, we are also able to create the campaign concept and build the influencer content ecosystem that ensures full contribution to all other marketing activities.

We also map out the potential type of influencers and brand ambassadors and validate their match to the brand by an influencer persona study conducted in the target segment. We are strong in assisting in various phases of influencer cooperation, starting from assessing the set of suitable influencers and pitching for the most optimal cooperation models, to practicalities like campaign coordination ja reporting.

How we can serve you in influencer marketing:
* Creating influencer strategies
* Making creative concepts
* Building influencer content ecosystems
* Creating influencer hierarchies
* Selecting a set of potential influencers or brand ambassadors
* Conducting Influencer persona studies
* Negotiating the cooperation agreements, rates and terms
* Briefing the potential influencers
* Multichannel productions
* Campaign coordination
* Reporting