23.8.2019 | Influencer marketing

Keep Your Head Campaign by the Finnish Road Safety Council was boosted by influencers

At the end of April, Finnish Road Safety Council launched a campaign to promote the use of a bicycle helmet. The “Keep Your Head” Campaign was aimed, in particular, at young people aged 15-18. The aim was to encourage the young people to discuss and create more positive attitudes towards using the helmet and activate its use. Popular social media influencers amongst the youngsters, HurHur and Papananaama, were invited to act as the messengers for the campaign.


Liikenneturva käynnisti huhtikuun 2019 lopussa pyöräilykypärän käyttöä edistävän Pidä pääsi - kampanjan


Since the Council wanted to talk about the benefits of using a helmet without preaching, the young You Tube influencers, Mr Konsta Saajanto (aka HurHur) and Ms Sini Laitinen (aka Papananaama) were selected as the ambassadors for the campaign. They produced unique content in their own channels for the benefits of using a cycling helmet; Ms Laitinen in a form of a style video and HurHur with a music video.

“The campaign was carried out in channels where young people are genuinely present. When a message comes from young people with a lot of followers, it also reaches the youngsters who may not think they belong to the campaign target audience. This is how the helmet and the safety of cycling become topics of interest among them”, says Ms Minna Saarinen from the Council.

Over 120,000 views in the first day

HurHur aka Konsta Saajanto, a 21-year-old YouTuber from Oulu, has recently excelled as a songwriter. The young influencer belongs to the United Screens video network, which came up with a suggestion to communicate the importance of the helmet use in a form of a song and a music video in the campaign. The Council was thrilled by this new idea and approved it immediately. The song was inspired by the obstacles of not using a cycle helmet based on an earlier research report by the Council.

The song was released in Spotify. In addition, HurHur produced a music video for his YouTube channel with United Screens and his friends. During the first 24 hours, the video got over 120,000 organic views and soon rose to the top of the YouTube Trending list, gaining massively additional visibility. The song was also launched in the rising social media channel TikTok, where the Finnish marketers have not yet had a lot of experience in influencer marketing. TikTok is hugely popular globally and is continuously gaining importance in Finland, too.

Previous campaign survey explaining the motivations for helmet nonuse

Dagmar Stories and the Council created together the concept and the campaign plan. Based on the campaign research report of the previous year, Dagmar utilized the valuable information on the importance of influencers among the target audience of 15-18-year-olds.

In the previous survey, some of the major obstacles for helmet use were described as “unfashionable” and “not matching with my own style”. To overcome this, Dagmar and the Council engaged the edgy-styled Papananaama, to provide tips in being stylish and cool with a helmet on.

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