Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a large whole which brings a big change to the entire organisation – not only to the marketing department. We think that that best way is to split a large whole into smaller entities and work by the sprint method.

We consult in defining needs and targets as well as in choosing, acquiring and implementing technologies. We do not represent any specific system or vendor but always choose the best system that meets our client’s needs.

We want to be a long-term partner that builds customised management models and goal-oriented customer journeys. We add efficiency, better targeting and long-termism to marketing.

Our services in the field of marketing automation:
* comparison and selection of automation systems * building client dialogue control * development of management models and triggers * data strategies * road maps for leveraging data * generating and qualifying leads * management of leads and churn
* website customisation * customer communication customisation * retargeting and continuous targeted digital advertising * web advertising automation * integrating research, analytics and web data