28.4.2017 | Social Media

Stadium – The Sneakers Hunt

Conquering Instagram with influencer marketing.

Starting Point

We knew that social media channels – Instagram and Snapchat in particular – were of vital importance to the target group. Stadium Finland does not have its own profile on Instagram or Snapchat; instead, all Instagram activities in the Nordic countries have been conducted through Stadium Sweden’s “jointhemovement” channel. Stadium had not been active on Snapchat.

Influencer marketing played an important role during the Stadium Sneakers campaign that took place in the spring of 2016. We first selected the influencers who would best reach the desired target group with their channels. The aim was to reach young Finns in a distinguishable and surprising way by doing an effective social media campaign.

Creative Solution

The influencers were given instructions and a simple assignment: they were supposed to hide a flyer in their hometown and do it in their own personal style, utilizing their own channels. The founder of the flyer would receive a pair of free sneakers from the closest Stadium store. Some of the influencers used photos and some videos on Instagram while others also utilized Snapchat. In addition, the influencers chose their favorites from the spring’s sneakers collection and produced competition-related material while wearing the shoes. In the photos, the sneakers could be seen displayed in a personal way, as a genuine part of the influencers’ lives.


Campaign Execution

Dagmar Stories designed and produced the influencer concept called #sneakersjahti (#sneakershunt). The aim was to produce material that resonates with the target group of young people while ensuring that it’s also attractive and of high quality. Moreover, there was a desire to include gaming elements in the content – this resulted in a scavenger hunt that took place both digitally and in a real urban environment.

We asked Splay to collaborate with us, and they handpicked the influencers who they deemed interesting for the target group and able to produce high-quality visual content. Four influencers – all followed by the target group – were chosen for the campaign collaboration. They reside in different parts of Finland; in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

The most critical parts of campaign execution were the clarity of the assignment and the ability to find the right influencers. A hint of playfulness in the assignment created excitement both for the influencers and their followers. A good briefing resulted in an excellent outcome; a vital factor in this was the personal style of the influencers and the way they chose to activate their followers.

As a whole, the activation measures produced content that was visually inspiring and well-received among the followers. Moreover, it also managed to activate the target group and increase the use of Stadium’s hashtags. The campaign was implemented through social media channels without a separate budget – all visibility came organically through the influencers.  


4 photos, 2 Instagram videos, 1 mention on YouTube

The engagement rate of the influencer campaign was very high, 26,53% (the international recommendation is that a campaign should reach an engagement rate of approximately 2%).

The target group (18-29 year-olds) liked the campaign concept, reacted positively to it and got excited about the way it was executed and the influencers that were selected. The target audience was highly responsive – they genuinely liked the campaign idea as well as the products associated with it. The results exceeded expectations; the campaign had a positive impact on Stadium’s image and improved both brand awareness and brand value among the target group of young consumers.

The fans of the influencers loved the campaign; they were eagerly waiting for the clues and the “treasure” was at times found within a few minutes of revealing the clue. The participants also posted pictures of their scavenger hunt.

Altogether, the campaign achieved more than 95 000 likes and 540 comments on Instagram – the influencers reached an audience of 369 500 followers in total.


Design and Production:

Tiia Leikas, Dagmar, Digital Planner
Viivi Lehtonen, Dagmar Stories, Content Strategist, Creative
Otto Niinikoski, Dagmar, Digital Strategist
Ulla Aitio, Dagmar, Client Director
Saara Majanne, Dagmar, Graphic Designer
Jonna Lehtonen, Marketing Manager, Stadium Finland
Stina Varsikko, COO, Splay Suomi


Annnika Ollila
Pernilla Böckerman
Ville Kankare
Siru-Liina Karlin

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