Content Marketing

By means of digital channels, even companies can operate like traditional media houses: finding the relevant audiences through appropriate contents and developing communities around their contents.

What are the components of a good content? The content is based on the needs of both content consumers and content publishers, genuineness and impact plus topicality. We help brands to act as inspiring publishers and we plan contents relevant to consumers. Our solid understanding of channels guarantees that contents are customised on the terms of each channel.

Our services in the field of content marketing:
* content strategies * content concepts * content production * influencer marketing * blogger and YouTuber concepts * experts contents * video productions * graphical productions * copywriting * social media content planning * community management * consumer engagement * development of own and social media channels * content analytics and measurement * synchronisation of own channels and paid advertising * modelling of content marketing business impacts * development and production of search engine optimised contents * content analyses * online discussion monitoring * social media competitor analyses *training in content and social media marketing * research into social media use * social media trends