Your goals

Whether your goal is to increase sales, develop your brand or marketing, develop customer experience, lead with knowledge or develop your organization – Dagmar’s more than 200 experts have a suitable sparring partner!

Brand development

When your goal is to develop your brand, our experts look at the current situation and level of ambition from different perspectives and build a development plan with indicators that suits your brand and resources.

Customer experience development

Customer experience is one of the company’s most important competitive factors and has risen to the core of business. It is essential that there is a common and shared understanding of customer experience in the organization. Customer experience must be systematically developed, managed and measured, and lessons learned must be taken into everyday life.

Sales growth

In order to increase sales profitably, it is important to familiarize yourself with the current situation and identify growth opportunities through it. At the core of increasing sales are data, customer and market understanding. When marketing is measured holistically, its effects can be measured in the short term.

Expertice growth

We are your driving force for change and support in securing future competence. Both in coaching management and in ensuring substance competence. We help your company stay strong and competent in a world where the only constant is change.

Marketing effectiveness

When your goal is successful marketing, we use decades of experience to help you clarify your goals, increase the effectiveness of marketing, implement measures efficiently, lead with knowledge and ensure the desired result.

Marketing development

Marketing development is a key factor in the success of a company. We continuously improve and optimize our marketing strategies so that companies achieve better results and can meet customer needs more effectively.

Data-driven leadership

When your goal is knowledge-based management, you need functional technology, data and its chewing into usable form, market research and customer understanding. You also need a team that can analyze and interpret information and turn it into conclusions and plans for the future.

Marketing communications services

With more than 200 experts, we have the capabilities to bring facts and visionary solutions to support our customers in a suitable package and to implement them smoothly into action. We cherish agile working methods and a testing culture, and accelerate competence growth – both for ourselves and for our customers.



It is not always easy to see the forest for the trees. Our experienced experts will help you identify areas for improvement in your organization and define them on a timeline that suits you. Together we are progressing one step at a time towards more effective marketing!