Data Science Services

Data is like a raw diamond – it needs a little polishing to shine brightly. And when it shines, it shows us the way to the heart of the marketing world. We believe that when you let data do the talking, it tells stories that are valuable to you and your customers. 

Our data scientists are not afraid to dive into the depths of data, they dig up the gold nuggets of data and bring them to light. Whether it’s customer segmentation, predictive analytics, or ROI measurements, we’re here to help you discover the power of data. 

<strong>We are your analytics partner</strong> 

We are your analytics partner 

Data isn’t just numbers and charts, it’s the bridge that connects you to customers. Working with us is like going on a treasure hunt where data is your map. 

  • Effectiveness and ROI of different channels and campaigns? Check! 
  • Collecting, harmonizing and visualizing marketing data? Check 
  • Analysis of the most potential target groups? Check! 
  • Combining business data with marketing optimization? CHECK! 

We are Finland’s leading player in measuring the effectiveness of marketing.

Our ROMI modelling database contains about 200 models that provide valuable benchmark data for evaluating your own results. 

“To grow, companies need a carefully considered media portfolio that optimises immediate, short- and long-term impacts. I believe that companies that understand the cause and effect relationships between different media and develop their advertising investments taking these different time spans into account will grow in the future.”

Ilkka Keskiväli, Director, Advanced Analytics.

When you need help in following, contact us and let’s roll up our sleeves: 

  • Customer segmentation and target group analysis 
  • Predictive analytics and marketing 
  • Marketing effectiveness measurement 
  • Marketing campaign planning and measurement 
  • Data analytics training and consulting

With us, data isn’t just cold facts, it comes to life and helps you create campaigns that hit and sink. Whether it’s customer segmentation, predictive analytics or ROI analysis, we get access to data in an easy-to-use format. 

Let´s talk more! Contact us:

Ilkka Keskiväli

Director, Advanced Analytics


Atte Mäkelä

Senior Data Scientist


Juho Knuuttila

Data Scientist