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Our search advertising professionals ensure that your company is found in search engines in a cost-effective, transparent and responsible way, but above all in a way that brings results. You can trust us with your online service, because we have many search engine marketing specialists who are always up to date with the latest opportunities, constantly testing new things and genuinely want to develop your business. 
Dagmar has a strong partnership with Google and we are a Google Premium Partner (certified experts). We help you make the best search engine discoverability possible, regardless of your budget. We have extensive experience in different industries, large global customers and different needs, everything from branded advertising to online stores. 

If you want to make your business website appear as high as possible in the search results of the most common search engines, you need search engine marketing.   
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be divided into two main forms: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA).  

We provide your team with the most competent search engine optimizers and modern tools for analysing functionality, as well as keyword advertising professionals to support the development of organic findability, ensuring that your company is found at the top of search engines in a cost-effective, fully transparent and responsible way, but above all in a way that brings results.


Search engine optimization isn’t just about search terms and rankings, it’s about getting your business found in search engines for the search terms your customers use. This may mean, for example, improving the technical implementation, content or link quality of the site. SEO work is continuous and it’s never too late to start improving the discoverability and functionality of your site!   

The most memorable phrase describing the SEO attitude has been “Every pixel counts”. That’s why at Dagmar in SEO we take into account a wide range of factors that affect visibility.

Jussi-Pekka Kettunen, Head of SEO

Dagmar’s SEO team with a diverse background of experts provides you with the latest SEO tools (in-house and third-party), artificial intelligence and years of experience in search engine optimization. We also utilize Dagmar’s content team, research experts and data analysts to achieve the best results. In the real-time SEO Dashboard, you can follow the development of your company’s important KPIs and react to change needs.


With search advertising, we develop the discoverability of your company or brand in the most common search engines. 

Our experts make strong use of automations and AI-enabled tools in their work. This enables flexible and efficient campaign management, maximizing ROI, and expanding online presence in the most efficient way possible. 

We have a huge team of search advertising experts who are always up to date with Google’s latest releases, eagerly test them and suggest new solutions to customers.

Johanna Nokela, Head of SEA

Our decision-making is strongly based on data and analytics and we believe that they will help us grow. We work closely with our Advanced Analytics team, especially in matters related to tracking and reporting. We offer the latest and most effective solutions for cost-effective keyword advertising. We are a partner that is not content with just implementing, but we want to develop and continuously test new ways to improve the effectiveness of advertising. 

Improve your discoverability in search engines with us! Check out our services:

  • Continuous development of search engine visibility; We develop the site both technically and content-wise, if necessary together with our content production team. We leverage automation and Google’s AI-powered solutions for the best results.   
  • Audits: Dagmar provides comprehensive search engine marketing audits under the same roof, such as website content audits, technical site audits and advertising audits, which we use to determine recommendations for further actions.  
  • Keyword analysis: Want to know which searches are trending in your industry and when to focus on their visibility? We provide comprehensive keyword analysis to help you know which search terms could drive more traffic and what your customers are hungry for more information about.   
  • Web service reforms: The renewal of online services is one of the most critical measures related to search engine visibility. With it, you can either destroy your visibility or accelerate it to a new ascent. The goal of our SEO team is that you can carry out a site renewal without worries without unpleasant discoverability surprises or expensive and laborious post-repair needs.  
  • Trainings: Do you want your team to excel in the field of search engine marketing or do you feel like you can’t keep up with all the changes? SEA and SEO trainings will be updated to reflect current best practices, tools, AI solutions, and Google’s algorithm changes. Training sessions are always tailored to suit your team.   

The primary goal of our search engine marketing services is to grow our customers’ online services by utilising a wide range of search engine marketing methods. 

Check out our search engine marketing work for our clients:

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