Customer experience development 

Customer experience arises from every encounter with a company or brand and covers the entire life cycle of the customer relationship. Customer experience is always the customer’s own subjective view, which is a combination of images, experiences and emotions. 
We are professionals in forming and utilising customer understanding, and we can help improve the customer experience in many ways.

Mapping the current state of customer experience

Where are we with customer experience now? What are the strengths and weaknesses of customer experience? How does customer experience appear to customers in practice? And how is customer experience reflected in all the company’s operations?

Defining customer journeys

We define customer journeys from three different perspectives: 1) describing the customer-oriented customer path, 2) marketing customer journey – how marketing works at different stages of the customer journey, and 3) customer journey blueprint, i.e. a description of the customer journey related to producing an ideal customer path, which includes identifying resource and competence needs.

Clarifying the customer promise

Together with the customer company, we define and clarify the customer experience’s intent, i.e. the customer promise. The customer promise is based on the company’s strategy and serves as the basis for all customer experience design work.

Operating model design

When the customer experience has been genuinely put at the centre of the strategy and there is crystallization and shared understanding of it, we can start planning the operating model. Together with the customer organisation, we draw up a concrete action plan (actions, responsibilities, phases and schedule) that supports the strategic goals.

Customer experience measurement

Measuring customer experience ensures whether we are truly what we promise, whether we are on the right track and if we are achieving the set goals. We design metrics that support the realization of a good customer experience and enable us to take the customer experience in a strategically defined direction.

Systematic development of customer experience enables growth 

Customer experience is one of the company’s most important competitive factors and has risen to the core of business. That is why it is often used as a term in strategies and speeches. It is essential that there is a common and shared understanding of customer experience in the organization.   

Customer experience must also be systematically developed, managed and measured, and lessons learned must be taken into everyday life. 

“Long-term customer experience development takes us towards our goal of charming our customers with five-star service.” 

Mika Vainio, Sales Director, Veho Retail 

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