Strategic consulting

Are you getting good enough results for your marketing efforts? Do marketing development projects translate into business results? Do you feel that your marketing should be faster, more efficient and better? We will help you identify your biggest development areas in your own and your partners’ operating models, find the biggest areas for improving efficiency, and help you formulate a strategy that can actually be implemented and implemented into everyday life.   
We help you when you want to create conditions for future-proof business through marketing.   

Marketing management

We help you improve your organization’s performance through better marketing management

Artificial intelligence in marketing

We offer AI-powered solutions that automate and optimize your marketing processes in real time.

Future work in companies

We use futures design to help identify the right direction for business and improve foresight in scenario and futures thinking.

Metaverese and Web3

Interested in the metaverse or Web 3.0 but don’t know where to start? We are here to help your business take full advantage of these technologies of the future. 

Marketing management services

Marketing management services

We help you with challenging strategic challenges related to marketing management. Together, we identify goals, create metrics and define measures to get there, and we also support you in implementing and implementing the plan.

We use participatory methods in our work, but we are able to work fully as a turnkey office or support your in-house team if needed.

We help you solve strategic marketing challenges, whether it is identifying challenges by analysing the current state, defining areas for development or formulating a long-term target state. 

We always scale our projects to your needs, allowing us to help quickly and agilely solve challenges of different sizes. Our experienced strategic marketing experts will help you get more out of your marketing.

“An effective strategy in marketing isn’t just about keeping pace with change; It’s proactive, deep understanding and leveraging to secure sustainable business growth.” 

Tomi Suojoki, CBO


At its best, futures thinking is a continuous, systematic process that creates a basis for various changing scenarios. It brings certainty in the midst of uncertainty – we can already foresee alternative futures happening, and we won’t be surprised “with our pants down”.

Whether you have already started or are about to start working for the future, we will help you lead the work and implement it throughout the organization.

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