Sales Growth

Increasing sales starts with identifying sales potential. Are you looking for upsell and cross-selling to existing customers, do you intend to expand your customer base with your current range of products or services, or are you aiming for completely new customer groups by launching something new? 
When it comes to increasing sales, we are your partner with expertise ranging from customer understanding to strategic marketing choices and verifying sales successes all the way to making everyday operations more efficient. 


Studies and the insights created from them enable sales growth. Qualitative and quantitative studies can be used to map, for example, the current state of the sales process, customer experience and salespeople’s view of the sales process.

Advanced analytics

Customer understanding serves as the basis for enhancing sales and marketing at different stages of the customer life cycle. Sales to new customers can be increased with modeling and a scenario tool. Value and upsell from existing customers are increased through stock analytics, such as segment modeling and cross-sell analysis. Attrition modelling ensures that sales are not lost.

Growth marketing

Growth marketing helps online stores and other companies doing business online achieve their goals more efficiently and quickly. Growth marketing is a process that uses data and testing to optimize marketing efforts for greater growth. This can be done, for example, by developing the user experience of the application to improve conversions and sales.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing excites the target audience and brings sales. Effective influencer marketing relies on strategy, emphasizes desired competitive advantages and speaks to existing and new customers in a relevant way, based on the shared values of the brand and influencer. The greatest benefit of influencer work can be gained when content is utilised through multiple channels and advertised like other content, not forgetting measurement.


Sales and marketing are inextricably linked, as sales are part of marketing and vice versa. Measures must therefore be planned comprehensively in close cooperation. Silos-free operations may require new operating models, but when barriers have been broken down and operations go hand in hand, success can be achieved.

Increasing sales starts with tackling the current situation 

In order to increase sales profitably, it is important to familiarize yourself with the current situation and identify growth opportunities through it. At the core of increasing sales are data, customer and market understanding. When marketing is measured holistically, its effects can be measured in the short term. 

Brand should also be measured so that marketing investments can be divided between brand and tactical investment. We know that brand work will bear fruit in sales also in the long term. 

“In Dagmar’s continuous ROMI modelling for its customers, marketing efficiency has improved by an average of 30% during the first year.”

Raisa Strang, Business Director, Dagmar

One of Dagmar’s most sought-after services is the ROMI modelling, which measures the return on marketing investments. ROMI indicates how much euros invested in marketing have generated sales, margins or turnover. With in-depth measurement, marketing changes from an expense item to an investment. 

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