Market research and insight

We argue that it is a huge risk to invest in marketing, or really anything, if decisions are not based on correct information and human understanding. Megatrends are changing people’s actions, thinking and buying habits faster than ever before.  And the pace is accelerating.    
We are a customer understanding house with at its core a broad view and experience from different industries combined with the research expertise of nearly 20 people. Human understanding, the production and utilisation of data applied to the marketing and sales environment and, in particular, its further processing into a guiding force for operations, are our cornerstones.    

Advertising research

Ensures and produces a trajectory to maximize the effectiveness of advertising investments, both before and after advertising is shown.

Strategic segmentation

Serves as the cornerstone of both strategic and operational marketing and business development. Tells you who our most valuable customers will be in the future and how to get them to become customers.

Brand research

Tells how the brand is perceived now and in which direction it should be developed. Serves as both a basis for brand strategy and a verifier of development.

Innovation and R&D studies

Provide guidelines for product development and ensure the potential of new products and services. Predict the success of innovations and ensure the right choices along the development journey.

Customer experience: eg. Mystery shopping and customer journeys

Helps to understand how customer/service promises are fulfilled in the customer interface and provides tools for developing the service process. Describes the stages of the customer journey and explains the drivers and obstacles along the customer journey.

Personnel survey

Highlights the current state and strengths of the employee experience and helps to understand what needs to be developed in order to better manage the employee experience.

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