Marketing effectiveness

When your goal is successful marketing, we use decades of experience to help you clarify your goals, increase the effectiveness of marketing, implement measures efficiently, lead with knowledge and ensure the desired result. 
We bring experienced analysts and consumer behavior researchers, skilled SEO and content specialists, and technology experts to your team. 

Marketing enhancement

With our sales modelling and data science services, we ensure real-time verification of results.

Strategic consulting

A company achieves long-term results when it develops strategic management and future-proofing and ensures that it operates responsibly.

Planning and implementation of marketing communications

Brand development and competent encounter planning make the target group act as desired.

Marketing technologies

Our skilled technology consultants help ensure that data is collected correctly and that related results can be easily tracked and verified.

Growth marketing

We help e-commerce operators achieve new kinds of results through the development of online sales.

Market research and insight

Our research team helps enhance marketing performance through quantitative and qualitative methods. Our starting point in everything we do is strategic: the production of research and the insights derived from it starts from the customer’s business needs. Linkki: matriisin mukaan

Marketing performance is mirrored against business goals

Marketing performance refers to the impact of marketing measures on achieving a company’s business goals. It refers to how well marketing strategy and actions produce desired results, such as increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, acquiring new customers, or improving customer loyalty.

“The role of marketing and its connection to the company’s entire business can only be demonstrated through comprehensive measurement and research. The collected data helps us to predict and justify the necessary marketing investments and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the measures.

Antti Kallio, CBO, Dagmar

Various metrics are used to assess marketing performance, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which can vary depending on the company’s goals and industry. Marketing performance is not only based on increasing visibility, but also on the ability to use data to understand our customers’ needs and shape our marketing strategies to best meet those needs.

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