Creative design and content creation

We believe in creative design based on goals and a solid creative vision. Then something lasting will be born.   
At Dagmar, creative design gets an exceptionally strong input from the house’s data reserves, channel understanding and the lessons learned about how advertising works. It does not limit creativity, quite the opposite!  

<strong>We help in a wide range of different areas of creative design and content production:</strong> 

We help in a wide range of different areas of creative design and content production: 

  • We bring customer understanding to the background of our brand strategy 
  • We ensure concepts that align with your brand and strategy 
  • We produce successful advertising planning 
  • We achieve better results with materials produced on the terms of the channels 
  • We ensure that the tools of modern content production are mastered and used 
  • We offer everything with the best media design in the country under one roof, produced by a tight-knit team. 

Dagmar Content showreel 2022

Could creative design and production truly be part of the same team as media design? Yes you can! 

In Dagmar’s creative team, we take care of the creative design of marketing communications: from strategy and concept to high-quality implementation. The entire package under one roof brings the customer a new kind of agility in managing the marketing process. 

  • Brand strategies 
  • Advertising creative insight 
  • Advertising concepts 
  • Branded and tactical advertising campaigns 
  • Visual design 
  • Copywriting 
  • Advertising productions 
  • Dynamic advertising solutions 

We bring creative strategists, experienced advertising designers and designers and producers who create insightful brand visibility down to the channel level. Our production studio makes sure that the materials work and support the brand in every channel, and production costs do not skyrocket. 

“By working together, we were able to create an inspiring concept. We combined services and insurance, so we can use the concept flexibly in the future. Together with Dagmar’s experts, we were able to find an appealing communication method that would allow us to support our customers’ transition to electronic services.”

Terhi Käkelä, asiakaskommunikaation kehityspäällikkö, LähiTapiola

Check out our examples of our work:: LähiTapiola Säpsähdyksiä -concept and Tone of voice guidelines that strengthen the YIT housing brand

<img src="╠etyo╠eskentely-8-1.jpg" alt="<strong>Technology to help you produce digital marketing materials

Technology to help you produce digital marketing materials 

Do you feel that the traditional production model is too heavy for the number of versions required for digital marketing? We are pioneers in dynamic production solutions that allow you to scale your production without increasing costs at the same rate. Let’s take technology to the rescue and talk more about revolutionizing your material production! 

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