Media planning services

In a multi-channel flood of messages, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create an effective consumer encounter. In addition to arresting content, you always need a combination of channels that enables impact.

With 50 years of experience and as a pioneer in the field, we understand well the importance of media choices as a result maker. Multichannel planning requires more and more special expertise and an understanding of the interplay between content and media, as well as continuous anticipation of changes in the market and media field.

Media and campaign planning

We create a plan for selecting the best media channels, formats and schedules to reach your intended target audience. General strategy, communication and creative planning of advertising campaigns.

Media buying

Our media planning services include managing media purchases, including negotiating the best ad placements and prices.

Tracking, measuring, and analyzing your campaign

Through measurement, we can find out how consumers or customers perceive a brand to develop. In addition, we can help justify brand investments and examine the impact of media investments on brand indicators, the impact of brand on sales, and help divide media investments between branded and tactical advertising.

Media studies

We do media research with you to find out which media are most effective in reaching a specific target audience through sales modeling

Trainings, briefings, digital coffees

We want your team and experts to be up-to-date and their expertise to develop continuously. We train, point of care, sparring, arrange briefings and media reviews according to your needs.

Functional and productive media design is a matter of honour for us, and that is what we started from 50 years ago. We design entities from media strategies to channel selections, optimised purchased media solutions and analysis of results. So that your message reaches the right people at the right time, in the right place, in the most effective way. We also buy the necessary media space and audiences for you in the most economical way, without compromising impact.

Effective media planning always starts with setting clear goals. This could mean building brand awareness, collecting leads, or increasing direct sales, for example.

Knowing the target group is an essential part of media planning. The better we know your target group, the better we can design campaigns that engage them and serve their needs. Dagmar’s comprehensive research services ensures that we know who we are talking to and how the target group wants to receive the message.

The essence of media planning is the selection of the right channels. Different media channels have different audiences and serve different goals. Effective media planning requires choosing the right channels and making efficient use of them. Our more than 70 media designers know media and their new possibilities very well.

“Good media planning requires a broad understanding of the options in the entire field of marketing communications and what genuinely produces results. In addition, there is a huge need for enthusiasm and curiosity for new solutions and opportunities.”

– Katariina Uljas-Ahl, CBO, Dagmar

Even if the channels are right, the content is the key to success. Good media content is interesting, evokes emotions and makes the audience act as desired. Dagmar’s creative content team produces channel-optimised content that interests the target group to ensure the attention value of your content across channels.

Performance requires continuous measurement and optimisation. We monitor and analyse the results of campaigns, learn from them together with the customer and make the necessary changes and recommendations to be even more successful.

Marketing is also about constantly learning and experimenting with new things. The best results are often achieved in new, unprecedented ways.

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