Dynamic advertising

Dynamic ads are the solution when you need a lot of ad versions, personalization, scale or ad customization during campaigns. Dynamic ads make ad versioning easier.   
The editing of the data takes place in real time, and this enables the agile production of large amounts of ad versions when the aim is to produce different ad versions for different target groups.

<strong>Dynamic ads allow you to personalize your advertising.</strong>

Dynamic ads allow you to personalize your advertising.

Dynamic ads are the solution when you want intelligent personalization from advertising. 
There is no need to make a hundred advertisements for a hundred products in an online store. It is enough to produce one to which the data of all one hundred products can be exchanged with automation. For example, product image, product description and price. 
In a dynamic ad, content updates automatically based on targeting. For example, when we want ad content to change based on weather or geolocation. At the heart of everything is identifying the consumer and showing them content that is as tailored as possible.  
Dynamic advertising also enables A/B testing to ensure that advertising always uses the most effective version. 

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