Web3 and the Metaverse

The metaverse and Web 3.0 are key developments in the digital business of the future that every marketer should understand. Together, these two technologies offer the opportunity to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers.  

Interested in the metaverse or Web 3.0 but don’t know where to start? We are here to help your business take full advantage of these technologies of the future. 

Inspiration for your business

What does the metaverse and web3 mean? In the inspiration talk, we will go through the most common terms related to the topic and use examples to illustrate what the topic means.

Metaverse workshop for your company

When you want to think about what opportunities (or threats to consider) the metaverse can bring to your business, we will run your own Metaverse workshop for you under the guidance of our experts!

Futures workshop

We will organize a turnkey futures workshop for your company, and consider the metaverse as one of the future scenarios. In the workshop, we will open our eyes to possible futures, structure the possibilities of the metaverse and work on selected pieces all the way to concrete action.

At Dagmar, we believe that preparing for the future is never a bad thing. Not only is it hugely inspiring and creative, but it is also an absolute prerequisite for the success of companies’ business. 

“At first, I wondered how we could develop anything here, but things went well. It was interesting and there was a good discussion. The metaverse is a very interesting future where you can really think outside the box.”

“Even though the metaverse is still a pretty shady thing, this workshop felt pretty concrete – it’s nice that we designed concrete stuff for companies! So good tasks!” 

Comments from participants about the workshops

The debate for and against the metaverse is lively. Is it a rapidly approaching new normal and a business opportunity worth billions that we need to prepare for now, or do we wait another 10 years and see what happens? 

While traditional social media platforms limit interaction, the metaverse provides a space where customers can experience your products and services in a new, immersive way. 

Web3 aims to create a more open and decentralized internet that is controlled by users and leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology. Web 3.0 enables secure, decentralized, and personalized digital experiences. It adds value to marketing by offering customers a better opportunity to manage their own data, new kinds of value-added services and build experiences together between brands.  

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