Marketing technologies

Our passion is to help our customers diversely and impartially with marketing technologies. We are able to help companies in a versatile way throughout the life cycle of marketing technology.

Audits and marketing technology roadmap creation

We go through your company’s current situation and build a vision together that helps us identify future opportunities and current challenges.

Designing a cookieless future

We offer a concrete roadmap to a cookie-free future, helping your business prepare for the changing world of digital marketing.

Selection of suppliers of marketing technologies

We help you support your business in decision-making, consult on procurement and collect requirement specifications. We organize supplier selection processes and evaluate them to find the best solutions for every technological challenge.

Marketing technology implementations, implementations and training

We take care of the implementation plan, configuration of tools and implementation of integrations. We offer support in commissioning and technical implementation, and we train your staff.

Web analytics and tag management

We build web analytics and take care of tag management in accordance with the latest practices. We install server-side trackers and build a connection to different advertising channels.

Consent management and cookie consents

We offer comprehensive solutions for consent management, cookie management and preference management. We conduct comprehensive threat assessments and consent audits.

Dagmar Datacron brings all platforms together

Dagmar Datacron brings all platforms together

Leave report downloading and excel combining a thing of the past and jump into the world of automated data management.

Datacron makes sure that your marketing data is organized, harmonized and ready for analysis.

  1. All your marketing data in one place? Check!
  2. Easy data harmonization? Check!
  3. Clear visualizations? Check!
  4. Fast and informed decision-making? Check!

Marketing technology (Martech) is a generic term for all tools, software, and technologies used to streamline and automate marketing processes.

Marketing technologies aim to improve the effectiveness and results of marketing activities, facilitate the collection and analysis of information about customer behavior, and enable a more targeted and personalized customer experience.

“We help with all marketing technologies and are able to help with a wide range of supplier selection and implementation. Whether you’re struggling with marketing automation, personalization or a CDP solution.”

Miikka Rahikainen, Head of Martech, Dagmar 

While technologies can streamline and automate many marketing processes, they are no substitute for creativity, strategic thinking, data interpretation, and human interaction, which are an integral part of marketing. 

AI in Marketing – The Future Is Here

AI in Marketing – The Future Is Here

Our AI in Marketing services harness the power of AI to transform your marketing strategy. From predictive analytics to modeling customer behavior, AI enables predicting market trends, personalizing customer interactions, and optimizing campaigns for maximum impact. Take advantage of the future opportunities of marketing with AI.

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