Brand Development

The development of a data-driven brand begins with customer understanding. Whether it’s creating a new brand, brightening up an old one or a little tweaking, the brand should always be mirrored in relation to the person. 
We are your partner in defining, developing and measuring your customer-centric brand. 

Human understanding: Where are we now?

Customer understanding allows us to find out where we are now. What do people think of our brand and competitors and what do they value? Answers are obtained through our services: brand research, segmentation, perceptions of internal and external stakeholders, and brand positioning in relation to the competitive field.

Brand definition: What do we want to change and develop?

Together we will find out what we need to change and develop based on customer or consumer understanding and our business. Our related services include brand strategy, brand tone-of-voice and visuality, as well as defining the key brand image factors.

Measuring and learning: How does the brand evolve?

Through measurement, we can find out how consumers or customers perceive a brand to develop. In addition, we can help justify brand investments and examine the impact of media investments on brand indicators, the impact of brand on sales, and help divide media investments between branded and tactical advertising.

A brand should always talk to a person 

A strong brand draws from its origin story, i.e. the consumer need from which it originated. In addition to genetics, the brand’s personality, i.e. manner of speaking, attitude and visuality, reflects the values behind the brand. The brand should not only have memorable and recognizable elements, but also evoke emotion. 

“A brand is not just a rational tool, but a brand is something that is formed in people’s hearts. A brand is a promise to the customer. A promise of quality, emotion or state of being, for example.”

Outi Hämäläinen, Strategy Director, Dagmar

The important thing is that the brand speaks like a person to a person. A brand is based on what need it was created to solve. In addition, the brand is influenced by values, competitive advantage and encounters, among other things.  

“Many times our customers want their brand to be high-quality and bold. However, if the audience sees the brand as warm, there is a big gap between the goal and reality. We will start to patch it up by developing the brand.”

Jeff Bezos

“A good brand story is about connecting with customers.”

Veera Sydänmaalakka, Content Director, Dagmar 

The results of brand investments are often only visible in the longer term. However, their impact on the business must be proven immediately. When a brand is managed with data, i.e. by making extensive use of data, it is possible to demonstrate the importance of long-term brand work and gain certainty for investment decisions.  

“You can try to run a brand, but it’s no longer just in the hands of the companies themselves. The user defines the brand equally. That’s why we need customer understanding.”

Kirsi Laakso, Customer Insight Director, Dagmar 

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