Sales modeling services 

Marketing is not a guessing game, but an art based on facts. Our modeling gurus provide you with the tools to get your marketing off the ground. 

Our experts are not afraid of data but see it as an opportunity. We delve into the world of numbers to find the insights that will take your marketing to the next level. Whether it’s optimizing your marketing mix, evaluating brand impact or modeling digital marketing, our analytics team can help you make data-driven decisions. 

<img src="╠etyo╠eskentely-15-1.jpg" alt="<strong>Dagmar is your creative and visionary modeling partner</strong> 

Dagmar is your creative and visionary modeling partner 
We’ll help you see what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing mix. Your trust in us will be rewarded with results that are reflected in both marketing metrics and your brand growth. 

With us, you will not only get data analytics professionals by your side, but also partners who understand the essence of marketing and how actions are ultimately visible under the line.

  • Right marketing package? Check! 
  • Brand impact measurable? Check! 
  • The impact of digital marketing clear? CHECK! 

Finland’s leading sales modeller

We are Finland’s leading player in measuring the effectiveness of marketing. Our ROMI modelling database contains about 200 models that provide valuable benchmark data for evaluating your own results. 

Make marketing modeling part of your strategy with us! 

We offer tailored modelling and successful analytics as well as target group-oriented and effective marketing optimization. We serve according to your needs with a turnkey method or spar with the in-house team, whatever works best for you. 

We offer a variety of modeling options to help you, your team, and your corner room better understand the impact of your marketing efforts. 

  • Sales modeling: Two years of data and a holistic approach to medium-term sales.  
  • Sales modeling with brand impact: Brand impact and longer-term effects included in sales modeling.  
  • Contribution  modelling: Short-term digital modelling, fast results.  

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