Marketing optimization

Enhancing marketing includes measures aimed at achieving better results in marketing. In practice, this means, for example, implementing new strategies, improving existing processes, using resources and tools more efficiently, or developing marketing communications.

We help you create more effective and future-proof marketing, implement modern tools and clarify strategies and processes.

enhance marketing

enhance marketing

The goal of enhancing marketing is often to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness or achieve other business goals. Streamlining can also mean cost savings, as more efficient marketing can produce better results with fewer resources.

Sales modeling

With us, you will not only get data analytics professionals by your side, but also partners who understand the essence of marketing and how actions are ultimately visible under the line. We offer tailored modelling and successful analytics as well as target group-oriented and effective marketing optimization.

Data Science Services

With us, data isn’t just cold facts, it helps create campaigns that hit and sink. Whether it’s customer segmentation, predictive analytics or ROI analysis, we get access to data in an easy-to-use format.

Market research &; insight

Human understanding, the production and utilisation of data applied to the marketing and sales environment, and especially its further refining into a guiding force, is our cornerstone.

Strategic consulting

We help you identify the biggest development areas in your own and your partners’ operating models, find the biggest opportunities to improve efficiency, and help you formulate a strategy that can actually be implemented and taken into everyday life.

Growth marketing

We believe that at its best, growth marketing is the operating model at the heart of business. We use a growth marketing operating model in which different marketing methods are tested based on data to find ways to develop business.

AI in marketing

We train your team in modern tools. We offer AI-powered solutions that automate and optimize your marketing processes in real time.

A variety of methods can be used to make marketing more efficient, such as analytics and data utilization, targeted marketing, customer relationship management, digital marketing and multichannel marketing.

Continuous testing, measurement and optimization are also important to keep marketing efforts effective and up-to-date.

“Short-term optimisation alone can easily steer marketing measures in the wrong direction. The long-term effects are on average 60% of the total impact of marketing, and each marketer can use their own data to direct investments to where they produce the best output ratio.”

– Ilkka Keskiväli, Director, Advanced Analytics

As with many other things, the most important thing in making marketing more effective is getting started.

The next most important thing is to understand the effects of marketing holistically in order to make truly data-driven decisions.

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