Social Media Services

Dagmar has a large number of social media professionals who help your brand meet the right target group in the channels relevant to them with content that speaks to them.

Our expertise covers a wide range of social media channels, their features and special characteristics, which, taking into account different campaign entities from a broader strategy to individual starts, bring the desired result to your brand.

Visionary planning and implementation

With our comprehensive service, we build a strategic and impactful social media presence for your company that supports your business goals and strengthens your brand. We implement both individual campaign launches and continuous visibility in a target group-oriented and goal-oriented manner.


Our social media audit service helps you understand your company’s current social media situation and offers tailored development suggestions to improve both organic visibility and paid advertising. We customize our services to meet your needs and wishes.

Social Media Strategy

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve customer relationships, or increase sales, a well-designed social media strategy is the key to success. Strategy is your company’s compass in the digital world, guiding your actions on social media and helping you achieve your goals. Each strategy is unique, taking into account your goals and needs.

Social media training

We offer comprehensive social media trainings to help your company utilize social media channels efficiently and effectively. Our training is always tailored to your company’s needs. Learning takes place under the guidance of our experts, who share best practices and concrete tips for successfully utilizing social media.

Creative content

We bring creative storytellers, talented visual designers, a versatile production desk and visionary social media content sparring partners to your team.

Social media to support sales and customer experience

Social media to support sales and customer experience

For us, social media is more than one separate area – it is an integrated part of marketing communications designed to advance business goals.
We work closely with our other talent groups to ensure that our social media actions are data-driven, relevant to our target audience and delivering the desired outcome.
With us, you can implement, among other things, social media

  • Campaigns
  • Ongoing measures
  • Trainings
  • Strategies
  • Audits
  • Measurement and monitoring
  • Trend reviews
  • Creative, channel optimized content

Effective and goal-oriented social media advertising

As Finland’s largest marketing communications company, we have excellent relationships with our partners and media contacts. We present your brand in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

“The field of social media is huge, but Dagmar has enthusiastic, courageous, visionary and responsible experts to meet the challenges. We actively follow social media trends and dare to try new things. Close cooperation with partners helps us to be on the crest of the wave!”

-Maria Karttunen, Head of Social

Our designers get first-hand from news and channel-specific best practices, and actively train to become in-depth experts in designing and purchasing different channels. With our proven expertise, we are a Meta Business Partner.

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