International Business

International marketing services help companies expand their business into new markets around the world – or bring business to Finland. 
When you start looking for growth opportunities around the world or need experienced strategists, planners and implementers for your global marketing communications, turn to us. 

Marketing communications services

We produce visionary marketing communication strategies and media planning for international markets and put them into practice through multiple channels. We lead an international network of experts tailored to your needs. Speed and efficiency are provided by our digital design unit, so you don’t necessarily need local design teams for all markets.


We make sure that the projects we carry out are also reported based on data. Through us, you get access to advanced analytics services for monitoring and optimizing success in a comparable way between markets.

Content design and production

When you need support for the content of international campaigns, our experienced content team will help you with both content design and production based on target groups and channels.

Research services

When you need more understanding of your target market’s consumer understanding, potential mapping, a more detailed understanding of the competitive field or just campaign monitoring, for example, we are happy to help.


We help e-commerce and other businesses doing business online achieve their goals more efficiently and quickly. Whether it is a question of growth strategies, agile operating models, utilization of own data, content or digital advertising, we have experience in accelerating the sales of online stores of all sizes.

Growth from international markets

We have been accelerating the international growth of both our B2C and B2B customers across Europe, Asia and the Americas for almost 20 years. Through our partner network Publicis Media, our experienced team of experts expands  to  115 countries to a network of more than 20,000 local experts.

“Dagmar’s team’s experience and understanding of different digital channels led to a strong increase in the efficiency of our marketing immediately after starting our cooperation. Dagmar understands Suunto’s business model and ways of working, which gives us the best possible help to achieve our goals.  

Christian Henriksson, Media Strategy Lead, Suunto

As a Finnish operator, we understand the internationalisation challenges of Finnish companies – whether it is a question of probing market potential and defining the necessary investments, or creating a strategy, channel selection, content design and production.

DAGMAR IS SUunto’s partner from planning, operating and monitoring advertising to creating and developing an international marketing strategy. In addition, Dagmar consults us on channel-optimized content and provides us with materials for our global campaigns.” 

Christian Henriksson, Media Strategy Lead, Suunto

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