E- commerce development

If you have an online store, you already know that it requires continuous development, analysis of results, monitoring the functionality of the customer journey and understanding new technologies. 


We provide your team with the best digital strategists, digital marketers, data scientists, UX experts and other specialists who meet your company’s needs. 

Growth through customer experience 

The goal of developing an online store is to offer customers as smooth and pleasant a shopping experience as possible, which encourages them to return to the store again.  
Developing an online store often requires a wide range of skills and expertise and can be a time-consuming and complex process. Therefore, it is often wise to partner with specialists in the development of an online store.  

“Dagmar has been our valuable partner for many years. Our cooperation has ranged from website development to digital advertising, and this multifaceted collaboration has been key to the continued strong growth of Vattenfall’s online sales.”   

Santeri Määttänen, Product Owner – Head of New Sales team, Vattenfall

We help online stores and other businesses doing business online to achieve their goals more efficiently and quickly. Whether you’re looking for ways to boost customer acquisition or want to accelerate growth through existing customers, our experts are ready to deliver results. Our operations are always agile and cost-effective. 

Do you have any of these things on your to-do list related to developing your online store? Contact us and let’s get started: 

  • New customer acquisition 
  • Seeking growth from existing customers 
  • Renewing or setting up an online store 
  • Conversion optimization 
  • Better use of data 
  • Developing an online sales strategy 

Let´s start with auditing 

Do you want to map out how sales and marketing are currently working? You can choose either a comprehensive digital sales audit or focus on a single area, such as the usability of the online store. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the current state and how we can improve your results. 

Let´s talk more! Contact us:

Heikki Pieniniemi

Chief Business Officer – Digital Sales



Emil Siniketo

Digital Strategist