Dagmar as a company

Transforming marketing

We are passionate about transforming marketing. We provide you with all the advanced tools of modern marketing and the broadest range of marketing expertise in the industry – from analytics, AI, applications and martech consulting to creative content planning, diverse use of digital channels and effective project management.

Our team includes 200 experts of data driven marketing. To complement your own team, we fit you with our team of experts, tailored to your needs and objectives. Our clients praise us for effectiveness, our understanding of different industries, strong digital capabilities, modern marketing know-how and responsibility. We keep you always up to date and in the company of the best experts in the country.


We fuel your marketing growth through our expert services. Dagmar combines data, technologies and skilled professionals to find new opportunities for growth and to design effective customer experiences.

Dagmar, the company

Dagmar has been in the business since 1973. Today we are the leading marketing agency in Finland. Our success is based on continuous and systematic development of capabilities, together with our clients. We closely monitor marketing trends at a global level and actively anticipate changes in the future, ready to face the challenges to come.

Dagmar offers marketing and consulting services in advanced analytics, marketing research and marketing technologies. Dagmar marketing planning services include channel strategies as well as communications planning and content production for all stages of customer journey.

We have chosen to be fully transparent: our clients always know how our services are priced. Our services are available on a global scale through our partner Publicis Groupe, one of the leading global communications groups.

We are a part of the Finnish family-owned Salomaa, passionate about the future of the Finnish economy and success of businesses.

Dagmar is one of Finland’s largest agencies in terms of gross margin, when all media, advertising, digital, communications and branding agencies are widely compared. According to research agency Recma, which evaluates the media agency market internationally, our market share is overwhelming 30% (Recma 6/2023) and our quality rating is exceptionally “dominant” (Recma 10/2023) the only one in Finland. A strong position means the ability and responsibility to lead the way and take the entire industry forward.

our market share is overwhelming 30% and our quality rating is exceptionally "dominant" the only one in Finland.

our market share is overwhelming 30% and our quality rating is exceptionally “dominant” the only one in Finland.


We invest heavily in the competence and well-being of our people. We are guided by Dagmar’s strong values, which are reflected in our everyday life:

  • Courage is the courage to renew and adopt agile operating methods.
  • Enthusiasm is curiosity, throwing oneself in, seeing new opportunities and a culture of testing.
  • Vision means building future expertise together.
  • Responsibility means that every Dagmar employee bears responsibility for their own work and competence, as well as for the well-being of their colleagues and the interests of the customer.
Dagmar is a Great Place to Work

The story of Dagmar begun 50 years ago

Dagmar, more commonly known as “Dagu”, was founded in 1973 when a team focused on media broke away from SEK advertising agency. At that time, it was completely new for media planning to be separated into its own company. The management of our company was appointed to Helge Kreutzman. It took a lot of courage to rise against the established practices of the industry. Our first employees indeed faced quite a bit of resistance to change.

The early days of Dagmar were guided by the employees’ fervent desire to be on the client’s side. They wanted to enhance the impact of every penny spent on advertising, in order to produce results.

Everything that now moves in nanoseconds through wires and clouds, was in the early days carried by bicycle couriers. In the 70s, TV advertising time could only be bought for a few hours. There was no radio advertising, let alone digital. Now, there are almost limitless possibilities in both channels and experts.

The passion for impactful marketing has not faded over the years. This passion has been the reason to innovate and develop new solutions. Over the years, a huge number of marketing experts have passed through our “marketing high school” for the entire industry. We were also among the first in the industry to adopt an internet page in the 1990s: Dagmar’s internet page was established at http://www.inet.fi/dagmar/index.htm and is still visible.

Today, we seamlessly combine data, strategy, creativity, development, and growth. We train companies for the future, assist in digital transformation, and do effective encounter planning for both Finland and the world.

With courage, passion, and strong expertise, our story will continue for the next 50 years.

Dagmar, the numbers

Dagmar’s turnover during financial period 1.9.2022–31.8.2023 was EUR 170 million and gross profit EUR 20.6 million.

Dagmar is one of the top agencies when comparing the net revenues of all Finnish media, advertising, digital, PR and brand agencies. Leading position in the market translates to ability and responsibility to lead the transformation of the entire Finnish marketing industry.

Dagmar is a Great Place To Work™ certified company.