Growth marketing

Growth marketing is a proven effective way to enhance marketing and increase sales, increase testing and learning in marketing, and increase cooperation with different departments of the company. Growth marketing is a long-term activity that requires hard work.  
We help online stores and other companies doing business online achieve their goals more efficiently and quickly.  

Growth marketing

Together with you, we will build agile and channel-independent growth marketing practices and help you lead and implement them.

Increasing online sales

No matter what the current state or goal of your online sales is, we can help you make a growth-oriented strategy and put it into practice. 

Conversion optimization

We improve the customer experience of the online service so that it achieves your business goals better.

Website development

We help you develop your website and understand your customers’ challenges and create new opportunities through website development.

Growth marketing is a process that leverages data and testing to understand how products or services get new customers and how existing customers behave in order to optimize marketing efforts and achieve greater growth. A holistic approach to marketing distinguishes growth marketing from so-called “traditional marketing”. 

We use a growth marketing operating model in which different marketing methods are tested based on data to find ways to develop business. We believe that, at its best, growth marketing is the operating model at the heart of business. 

“In comprehensive growth marketing, we start to push the accelerator and seek big growth in a data-driven way. This requires many different skill stages, as well as a clear plan and a lot of work. It is imperative to understand the customer journey so that there is any chance of success.”

Heikki Pieniniemi, CBO Growth Marketing


We help online stores and other businesses doing business online to achieve their goals more efficiently and quickly.

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost customer acquisition or want to accelerate growth through existing customers, our experts are ready to deliver results.

We always work from the customer’s needs and starting points, but we always try to look at marketing holistically throughout the customer journey. A holistic approach to marketing distinguishes growth marketing from so-called “traditional marketing”.

Your website plays a vital role in growth marketing. Many marketers want their website to sell better, but in the end, very few can describe their customers’ needs well enough. 
Potential customers visiting your website are not a trafic on the dashboard. They are people whose daily lives have experienced something that has driven them to seek a solution, change or relief from their current situation.

“Growth comes from understanding who your best customers are and learning ways to acquire more of them.”

Sean Ellis

Your success in developing website sales and customer experience depends largely on how vividly you understand and are able to describe these situations. While you can’t directly influence the motivation of your site visitors, you need to at least show that you understand where that motivation comes from. 

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