AI in marketing 

Our passion is to utilize artificial intelligence in marketing, purchasing and targeting. AI opens doors to unprecedented customer understanding and automation, which helps us build stronger and long-term customer relationships. 

How do we support you in using AI in marketing? We offer AI-powered solutions that automate and optimize your marketing processes in real time. We leverage machine learning and algorithms to understand consumer behavior and anticipate future trends, enabling more accurate targeting and better ROI. 

AI is everywhere – including in marketing 

Artificial intelligence as a marketing superpower is not a dream of the future, but a reality of today. It is no longer a choice whether to participate in it or not, but every company must be aware of the efficiency opportunities that AI brings. 

There are a lot of changes coming to marketing. Harnessing artificial intelligence requires completely new kinds of competence profiles and job descriptions, and companies need to validate and manage skills so that the entire organization does things together in a new way.

Krista Elopuro, CEO

AI enables real-time decision-making and optimization, more accurate targeting and personalization of communications, automated budget management and bidding, customer journey analysis and optimization, and generative marketing. An individual can significantly improve the efficiency of their own work when the tools of artificial intelligence are in use. 

Artificial intelligence generates growth when the time that the utilisation of automation and artificial intelligence reduces can be harnessed smarter for other uses. “

Tuukka Muhonen, Head of Content Automation

Working with us is a step towards smarter and more impactful marketing. Deploy the latest and most powerful AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, or Copilot without the growing pains of adoption. We will also help you fine-tune artificial intelligence for your company’s use. 

New technology solves old challenges. For example, as cookies disappear and targeting becomes more difficult, artificial intelligence can be used to utilise contextual targeting, for example, more efficiently and in a new way. If one technology dies, someone else will replace it to patch it up.

Petteri Kalaoja, Martech Strategist

Tutustu tekoälyä hyödyntävään Ruskavahtiin

Don’t stand still, jump on the AI 

We use artificial intelligence and data analytics to create more effective and profitable marketing campaigns. Our services cover everything from automated advertising buying to real-time analytics and optimization. 

Need help with any of the following – contact us: 

  • Automatic advertising buying and management 
  • Identifying and refining your target audience 
  • Real-time analytics and optimization 
  • Analyze and optimize the customer journey 
  • ROI measurements and optimization 

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