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We love data, and you should too! Datacron not only collects your marketing data from different platforms, but it also harmonizes and visualizes it, making analysis and decision-making easy and efficient. 

How do we help you with data management? Datacron brings all your marketing data in one place, whether it’s from Google Ads, Meta, Snapchat or elsewhere. It not only simplifies your data management, but also gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions quickly. 

<img src="" alt="<strong>Dagmar Datacron brings all platforms together</strong>. 

Dagmar Datacron brings all platforms together
Datacron makes sure that your marketing data is organized, harmonized and ready for analysis. 

Leave report downloading and excel combining a thing of the past and jump into the world of automated data management.

  1. All your marketing data in one place? Check! 
  2. Easy data harmonization? Check! 
  3. Clear visualizations? Check! 
  4. Fast and informed decision-making? CHECK! 

Make marketing data management easy with Datacron! 

Datacron helps you upload, harmonize and visualize all your marketing data from different platforms. Whatever your need, Datacron is tailored to serve you. 

Need help with any of the following – contact us: 

  • Download and manage marketing data 
  • Data harmonisation and visualization 
  • Use data to accelerate decision-making


Collecting data may not be difficult, but it takes time to connect different systems, find tools, and create meaningful visualizations. With Datacron, marketing data can be accessed much faster than doing everything yourself from scratch.

Our experts

Ilkka Keskiväli

Director, Advanced Analytics


Timo Nikkilä

Senior Data Engineer


Kalle Räsänen

Data Specialist