Dagmar is an insightful and high-performance marketing agency

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Dagmar was founded in 1973 as a media agency but has since then developed into a versatile high-performing marketing agency with an excellent reputation, today known for its AI and martech capabilities. We work with most of the largest advertisers in Finland.

We are a family-owned company, owned by the Salomaa family, in third generation.

Our success is based on continuous and systematic development of capabilities, together with our clients. We closely monitor marketing trends at a global level and actively anticipate changes in the future, ready to face the challenges to come.

Our extensive range

of marketing expert services is there to support our clients, all the way from analytics, exploitation of artificial intelligence, business development, planning of inspiring contents and understanding of digital channels to effective project management.

Our expertise

is highly appreciated. Year after year, we rank among top performers in industry reputation surveys. We are praised for high performance, understanding of our clients’ industries, digital expertise, modern marketing competencies and responsibility.