Social Media

Social media is a key part of today’s communication and enables easy communication, information retrieval and interaction with other people. It allows users to produce, share and exchange information, opinions, experiences and other content.

These services enable the sharing of various content, such as texts, images, videos and links. Social media can also serve as a news source, marketing channel or learning environment.

Social media services are increasing, changing and developing at a dizzying pace. Some of the services are anonymous, while others discuss under their own name. The use of different social media channels varies greatly depending on the target group.

Social media includes, for example, social networking services such as Facebook, X and LinkedIn, media sharing services such as YouTube and Instagram, and blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Discussion forums like Reddit, Quora, and allow you to discuss a variety of topics with other users, and review and testimonial pages like Yelp and TripAdvisor allow you to share reviews of businesses, products, and services.

Online communities like Discord and Slack offer collaborative platforms for discussion and work. Social gaming is becoming increasingly popular and offers the opportunity to share achievements and chat with other players, whether on game consoles or computer games, as well as games played on Facebook or mobile games.

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