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Oululainen Reissumies: “For those who walk their own path”

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The nation winced when the iconic Oululainen Reissumies brand began to challenge hegemonic, masculine thinking. Their values-based marketing dived under the skin, raised emotions and sparked discussion. The bold approach made an impact on sales, as well as on their brand and employer image – also providing good lessons for future activities.

Reissumies stands against a narrow-minded male image

Oululainen Reissumies wanted to highlight the brand’s responsibility, courage and actions, and the Finnish male image. Based on their values, Reissumies made the decision to raise discussion about the typical male image while encouraging acceptance of difference, diversity and equality. They conducted research in October 2021 and the results revealed that over half of Finnish men felt oppressed by the dominant male norms.

Oululainen Reissumies is one of Finland’s most well-known and loved brands. For over 40 years its authentic taste has charmed the nation. It was natural for the brand to make the move to support all those walking their own path.

The well-known Finnish brand surprised us with new packaging – three men stand up for diversity and show their faces.

Talouselämä 3.11.2021

The legendary Reissumies transformed completely – this is how the new packages look.

Iltalehti 3.11.2021

Diverse Finnish men pose bravely as spokespersons

A team of experts from Fazer Leipomot and the agencies Ivalo, Dagmar and Drum built a campaign where different Reissumies characters were highlighted. These were men who have gone through a special journey and were empowered by their experiences to share their strength with others.

Dagmar’s experts planned the media presence of the campaign and coordinated the cooperation with selected influencers.

Rap artist and children’s football coach Pastori Pike, ice hockey legend Marko Jantunen and diversity and inclusivity consultant Dakota Robin were selected as spokespersons for the campaign. Their faces were included on product packaging, the brand’s website, POS-materials and media (DOOH, online, social media). Influencers Pastori Pike and Dakota Robin also talked about the collaboration and what it meant to them in their own social media channels.

The iconic Reissumies campaign shook social media – now Pastori Pike, who appears on the bread package, takes a stand on the commotion and speaks out.

Ilta-Sanomat 7.11.2021

Successfully sparking discussion on the brand’s values!

Reissumies succeeded in their goal of provoking a discussion about the Finnish male image, and gained up to 750,000 euros worth of earned media visibility. The topic made headlines in many big Finnish media channels like Talouselämä and Iltalehti.

In the media, Reissumies and Fazer appeared as a pioneer who dares to speak up for their values. They got praise from both consumers and companies for raising an important issue of discussion. The theme was debated for and against on Twitter, on Instagram and on the influencers’ channels. The influencers were so strongly committed to the campaign that they shared much more content than initially agreed.

Ad recall improved from spring 2021, showing that the approach was noticed and recognition was maintained well amid fierce competition. The brand image developed in exactly the way that was desired – Reissumies is seen as an up-to-date, active and brave pioneer.

Although some people were so outraged that they announced a shopping boycott, the campaign also gained significant support and cleared the shelves in several stores. The fact that the new packages began to be sold as collectors’ items also says something about their popularity.

The campaign included support donations of more than 20 000 euros for charities related to the theme: Trasek ry, East Helsinki children’s sports team, IceHearts and Avominne ry. It also got recognition from various organizations that promote men’s equality and immigrant issues.

The campaign even strengthened their employer image: people at Fazer felt proud of their brave employer.

The campaign gave us many lessons. When you do values-based communication, you have to put up with criticism. You must stand together behind a brave approach. Communication and the readiness to moderate and give statements play a significant role in values-based actions.

Ari Ahola, Senior Marketing Manager, Fazer Bakery

Reissumies – Walking his own path

The Reissumies campaign proved that tolerance progresses gradually and still requires a lot of work.
Consumers also expect more action: “it won’t stop here, right?” It won’t, because Reissumies continues his journey.