Expertise growth

The future competitiveness of companies will increasingly arise from learning new things and, more importantly, from learning away from the old. Lifelong learning has been at the heart of everyday life. Organisations need better capabilities to learn new things and adapt to new ways of working.  Ability to operate in digital environments and deliver value that cannot be delivered by automation or intelligent machines. 
We at Dagmar are your driving force for change and support in securing future competence. Both in coaching management and in ensuring substance competence. We help your company stay strong and competent in a world where the only constant is change. 

Strategic coaching

We carry out coaching for business and marketing management so that they have a deeper understanding of the effects of the forces of change in marketing, such as data, technology and responsibility, on business and marketing and better perceive future opportunities.

Personal sparring

We spar our clients on an individual level to ensure everyday challenges or personal and professional development. We operate in a goal-oriented and interactive manner according to the customer’s needs. We always look for a suitable expert for the coaching process, who will support you through 1:1 discussions in finding suitable ways and routes to achieve your goals.

Inspiration speeches

We want to ensure that our customers stay on top of the rapidly changing wave of marketing, and we provide inspiration speeches of different levels and content for teams of all sizes.  Our popular inspiration talks shed light on more strategic or operational marketing topics as needed.

Marketing Transformation Coaching

The coaching package, consisting of several different modules, sheds light on the forces of change in marketing on three different levels, through inspiration, practical training and everyday life. The coaching modules can be customised and the topics can be, for example: Generative AI in marketing, future work, innovation, automation or privacy in data collection.

Operational coaching

Our operational coaching provides concrete help in daily marketing. Social media advertising, Search advertising, Site analytics, A/B testing, Effective influencer marketing and SEO content production are examples of our most in-demand trainings.

Competence development increases the company’s business

Lifelong learning is of enormous importance. Our listening and participatory coaching philosophy supports employee learning in the best way, whether it is a question of large coaching packages, individual in-house team learning moments or personal sparring support.

“Medium-sized growth companies have long stated that the biggest bottleneck on the path to growth is the lack of relevant expertise”

Katriina Juntunen, CEO, Kasvuryhmä

We always tailor the coaching to meet the needs and expertise of the client company. The participants are actively involved in the trainings through advance surveys, homework and group work. We conclude the coaching packages by working together with the participants on an action plan in which the lessons learned and insights gained are taken into everyday life.

Check out our coaching work case study for lähitapiola.

Check out our coaching work case study for lähitapiola.

Dagmar experts on expertise growth

Jukka Ihalainen

Creative Strategy Director


Ilkka Keskiväli

Lead Strategist, Advanced Analytics


Miikka Rahikainen

Martech Director


Jussi-Pekka Kettunen

Head of SEO


Heikki Pieniniemi

Chief Business Officer – Digital Sales