Dagmar as a Company

Measured by billings, gross profit and personnel, we are Finland’s largest marketing agency. Our success is based on continuously and systematically enhancing competencies together with our clients. We follow trends in the industry on a global basis and anticipate the future by preparing for services of tomorrow well in advance as well. We make heavy investments in employee competencies and wellbeing.

We are guided by Dagmar’s strong core values that show in our daily activities. Boldness means courage to reinvent oneself. Enthusiasm is curiosity, throwing oneself into work, seeing new opportunities. An insightful approach means building together future expertise. Responsibility means that each and every Dagmar employee bears responsibility for his/her own work and skills and for the wellbeing of his/her fellow worker and client interests.

Dagmar was established in 1973. We are part of Salomaa Group.

RADLY, specializing in the development of AI-based products, Dagmar Drive, specializing in marketing based business intelligence and Dagmar Stories, specializing in contents, are all part of Dagmar – learn more about them!

We operate globally. Our partner is the world’s largest media agency network, Publicis Media.

Dagmar in Figures

The fiscal year of 2018-2019 was a year of strong growth as our billings grew up to EUR 177,5 M and gross profit up to EUR 18 M. Net operating income was EUR 2,9 M. The billings grew by 14,1 per cent and gross profit by 15,2 per cent.

Today, we continue to invest heavily in enhancing competencies and further developing our service range. We employ eight professionals already at RADLY for implementing new AI-based solutions in our development projects. At Dagmar Stories, 20 professionals work in the field of content creation and production, and 28 experts on analytics, research and technology consulting are employed by Dagmar Drive.

Dagmar’s strong position in Finland is epitomized by the size of its gross profit. When measured by it, Dagmar ranks among the largest players in the whole Finnish agency industry, that is when grouped together with all types of agencies in the field of media, advertising, creative, digital, brand and communications.