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Does ChatGPT give too generic answers? Fine-tune your model! 

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The problem with ChatGPT in customer service or in-house usage is often that the service provides overly general answers without industry- or company-specific information. There is no point in paying for the use of an AI algorithm that gives only half-relevant answers or, in the worst case, false information. With additional data and examples, ChatGPT can be fine-tuned to provide customized answers that serve your specific business needs. 

What is fine-tuning? 

Fine-tuning is a machine learning technique in which a pre-trained model is adjusted or “fine-tuned” for a desired task. This is usually done by giving the model additional training that is specifically tailored to a specific task or application. The goal is to create a model that performs better on a specific task than the original model trained with general data. 

So, in the case of ChatGPT, fine-tuning means additional training in ChatGPT’s AI with your own data and examples. 

Why is fine-tuning the next big thing in marketing communications? 

With fine tuning, ChatGPT is adapted to better understand your business context, products, services, or customer base. In this case, your own ChatGPT will be taught more information about your company’s services, industry and market, for example. 

When ChatGPT is integrated, for example, with customer service as a chatbot or internal tool, it can be used to improve customer experience or enhance marketing in ways such as: 

  1. Customer focus: With fine-tuning, ChatGPT can learn to answer your customers’ questions more accurately and personally. Integrated into customer service chat, ChatGPT can take your chatbot service to the next level by providing your customers with exactly what they’re looking for – when they need it. 
  1. Industry expertise: Fine-tuning produces higher quality responses than basic ChatGPT. A fine-tuned model learns to gain a deeper understanding of the specifics of your company’s products, services or customer base and is therefore able to respond more accurately. 
  1. Customizable tone-of-voice: ChatGPT’s tone and style can be customized just the way you want. For example, email messaging or customer service chatbots respond according to your brand line in all customer encounters. 
  1. Do your customer service responses have a specific format or style? Teach it to ChatGPT and speed up your customer service (and improve the customer experience at the same time) considerably. 
  1. Cost-effectiveness: Fine-tuning can save you both time and money. When tweaking makes ChatGPT more efficient, it will be possible to answer customer questions with fewer resources. 
  1. Speed: With fine-tuning, ChatGPT responds faster — and the customer experience improves. 
  1. Reliability: You can more easily trust that ChatGPT will provide correct and useful answers. Your customers’ trust will also increase and your company’s good reputation will be strengthened. 

Making AI your company’s superpower 

Fine-tuning is like superfuel for your customer communications AI assistant. It enhances customer service, improves customer experience and increases your company’s competitiveness. It can be used to familiarize ChatGPT with your company as a customer service representative or even an internal consultant. 

Fine-tuning is not just a technical sophistication, it helps you understand your customers better and provide them with tailored communication. It not only improves the customer experience, but also makes marketing more efficient and helps to achieve better results. 

Do you jump in or miss the train? 

The era of AI is already here, so it’s high time to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Fine-tune language models to bring AI into your daily business while significantly improving the quality and relevance of responses. Artificial intelligence as part of customer service, creative process or development work makes business more efficient and gives an edge over competitors. 

Although fine-tuning and integrating language models into daily processes requires investments, it pays for itself many times over. 

  1. Your customer service human resources can be allocated more efficiently as a trained ChatGPT handles customer service even better. 
  1. The work of coders becomes faster, leaving time for other activities. 
  1. Content planning becomes easier when supported by an inspiration and editing tool that has internalized your company’s brand line. 
  1. Digital reporting becomes faster and easier when artificial intelligence automatically spins a written summary of campaigns that follows the structure of your reporting. 


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