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Interested in data, creative and media in the same package?

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The past few years have been challenging for many traditional marketing and advertising agencies (Kauppalehti 13.11.2023), and the difficult times do not seem to ease yet, even if the recession is already coming to an end (HS Visio 8.5.2024).

At Dagmar, we are honored to support Finland’s leading marketers in their corner rooms. We hear a unified message from our customers: the demand for profitable marketing, competitive brands, new kinds of efficiency and technology, and even tougher marketing expertise is growing. After all, the basic task of marketing is to create demand – and that is what Finland needs in order to recover from the recession.

That is why we believe that skilled agencies in the field have a bright future ahead of them, and Finnish companies need marketing agencies now more than ever.

At Dagmar, we are building our own future by listening to our customers’ needs and packaging our services to better meet our mission: to maximize the impact of our customers’ marketing and business growth through marketing.

Dagmar brings data, creative design and media together into one package

At Dagmar, we strongly believe in data-driven marketing throughout the design and production process. We also see knowledge management as essential in guiding effective creative design and sustainable brand work. We want to support our customers’ marketing even more comprehensively: we are now investing heavily in being able to offer the entire marketing communications package with “one brief” as a partner. At the same time, we streamline the traditional planning process of marketing communications.

“We respond to the market’s demand for efficiency by making the advertiser customer’s life easier: time is saved and the end result improves when you get more from one marketing partner. Our creative designers and media designers look for opportunities as one team, guided by the same strategy. In the production phase of the material, producers and channel specialists find the best ways to make advertising work in each channel“, says Krista Elopuro, CEO of Dagmar.

Dagmar’s creative department, Dagmar Creative, already serves a total of 45 advertisers in the areas of brand work, creative design and production, social media content and influencer marketing. Dagmar Creative employs 25 people, the latest of whom is Ossi Leander, Account Director, who leads the growth of advertising services.

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A brand built on a sustainable foundation brings long-term growth

The tight economic situation naturally highlights short-term sales, which many Finnish companies have had to focus on for too long. Advertisers are now turning their attention to a brand that must withstand international competition and customer demands.

Finnish advertisers genuinely want to understand their customers. Although the brand relationship is built on emotions and experiences, as an engineering nation, we know how to value the data behind this work as well.

“In discussions with our customers, we have identified a clear need for a new kind of brightness on the basis of brand work – but that is not enough for anyone. We have decades of experience in researching Finnish mental landscapes and consumer attitudes, as well as the most versatile ways to refine data on the market. When this is combined with our business-linked branding process, we have unique ways to create strategic tools for brands to succeed and produce genuinely insightful creative design”, says Jukka Ihalainen, Strategy Director at Dagmar.

Half of the impact is generated by the media, half by the brand and content

Studies have shown that half of the effectiveness of advertising comes from outreach media and half from appealing content (e.g. Siberia). Nielsen Catalina Solutions). Each media channel is consumed in different ways, and in digital channels, an advertisement catches the viewer’s attention for only a couple of seconds. This needs to be taken into account in order for the advertising materials to work – one implementation and the same storytelling logic for all channels is not enough. The reach of media, especially in digital media, is typically optimised very carefully, but channel-specific content planning and personalisation for different target groups are rarely sufficiently effective.

Taking advantage of this opportunity does not necessarily require a larger production budget, but simply the ability to take advantage of the technological possibilities of production and the seamless link between production and channel expertise. The results of the material optimised for the channels speak for themselves.

Would you be interested in sustainable brand work and new kinds of efficiencies in marketing communications? Dagmar at your service!


Teija Jokinen

Chief Business Officer – Creative


Teija is the CBO of Dagmar’s creative content business. Teija monitors the development of marketing with the eyes of a generalist strategist and believes in the beautiful marriage of data and creativity.

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