Influencer marketing services

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which companies collaborate with individuals or entities that have a committed following and influence over a particular target audience. 


As a strategic partner in influencer marketing, we help our clients do goal-oriented and responsible influencer marketing. 

<img src="╠etyo╠eskentely-10-1.jpg" alt="<strong>As a strategic partner of influencer marketing, we offer versatile solutions to all influencer marketing challenges and goals.

As a strategic partner of influencer marketing, we offer versatile solutions to all influencer marketing challenges and goals. 

  1. Influencer marketing strategies and annual plans? Check! 
  2. In-house playbooks to support your influencer team? Check! 
  3. Metrics based on business goals? Check! 
  4. Influencer marketing that reflects brand values and target group? CHECK!

    On top of that, it’s nice to work with us, on the same side of the table. 

What is the goal of influencer marketing for your brand, and how is it reflected in your business goals? Why do you do influencer marketing and how do you ensure that influencer work is measurable and responsible? 

Dagmar has an exceptionally wide and diverse group of experts under the same roof. In addition to the strategist, the strategic planning of influencer marketing often involves a data analyst, media planner, content planner and experts who understand channels and influencers. We combine our expertise into a seamless solution for the customer, which takes into account the entire marketing plan and the customer’s business goals. Our diverse team of experts is our strength and that of our customers.

Sarah Grünn von Walzel, Head of influencer Marketing

Whether the goal is either to remove barriers to purchase, change perceptions or increase consideration, together with our customer we will work on an influencer marketing strategy that takes into account customer journey-oriented thinking and the intent of marketing and communications. 

“The amazing results speak for themselves. In terms of influencer marketing, cooperation with Dagmar is first and foremost easy and of high quality! Dagmar’s influencer marketing specialist keeps the threads in his hands and responds to the customer’s needs time and time again. Cooperation couldn’t be easier!” 

Liisa Wall, Content Manager, Kesko

Our influencer marketing experts work closely with Dagmar’s researchers, data analysts, media planners and content experts to achieve the best possible outcome. Close cooperation enables seamless media and marketing plans in which influencer marketing has been comprehensively taken into account, starting from ROMI modelling. Silo free work guarantees excellent work quality and efficient use of time. 

According to Dagmar’s ROMI modelling, the ROMI of influencer marketing has been on average +168% better than the average ROMI* of marketing (when influencer marketing has been part of the media mix). The average ROMI of marketing is 4.5.

Ilkka Keskiväli, Director Advanced Analytics

In addition to strategic solutions and in-house playbooks, we offer annual influencer marketing plans and their implementation from influencer surveys to reporting. 

Make influencer marketing systematic and profitable with us! 

We serve according to your needs either on a turnkey basis or by sparring with your in-house team. 

Do you need any of the following? Contact us and let’s roll up our sleeves:

  1. Influencer marketing strategies and annual plans 
  2. Channel- and influencer-driven creative concepts 
  3. Influencer marketing playbook for internal use or partner 
  4. Channel-optimized influencer marketing 
  5. Influencer choices representing the target group and brand values 
  6. Performance and measurement of influencer marketing 


Would you like to learn more about influencer marketing? Our influencer marketing training can be tailored based on your needs. You will receive a training recording and materials for the whole team. We also make influencer marketing playbooks that act as internal program manuals.

Let´s talk more! Contact us:

Sarah Grünn von Walzel

Project Manager, Head of Influencer Marketing


Mikko Wivolin

Social Creative


Susanna Öster

Concept designer & Influencer strategist


Juuli Rantala

Senior Influencer Planner


Heta Vuorinen

Influencer & Content Planner


Julia Vuorinen

On longer leave