Cases 30.05.2020 recipes – twice as many home cooks

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Dagmar’s digital marketing experts renewed the search engine advertising of recipes. Less media investment yielded twice as many results. Website traffic increased by more than 100 percent and the cost of high-quality site browsing dropped by less than half.

Starting point is Finland’s leading food website. Home cooks can choose from more than 8,000 delicious recipes, which are browsed 3–4 million times a month. The recipe website guides cooks naturally efficiently to online grocery shopping. Interesting recipes inspire people to shop online through product recommendations.

Search engine advertising is one of the most important marketing channels for recipes. With it, online visitors are invited to be inspired by great recipes and buy the necessary ingredients online. By renewing the search engine ranking, the aim was to secure’s position as the leading recipe website in Finland. The goal was to increase the time spent on the site, maximize conversions and optimize cost-effectiveness.

Solution and results

The search engine advertising reform carried out together with Dagmar significantly improved SEM visibility. Paid search traffic multiplied and is now paid less per session.

The reform made budget use more efficient, lowered the cost per click and brought maximum coverage in the search engine at important times for the customer’s business. The value generated by advertising clicks for Kesko has improved.

The reform eliminated unnecessary duplication, for example by merging accounts, and introduced more efficient bidding algorithms. Routine tasks were automated, allowing more time and attention for more strategic work. Accounts were modernized and the latest features were introduced.
Account management was raised from static maintenance to continuous development. Discussions are still ongoing with experts from Kesko and Google on how to find new ways to improve results.
So far, the reform has produced the best results for search engine advertising for every euro spent on advertising.

We exceeded the targets set in search engine marketing and website traffic. By enhancing our search engine advertising, we received twice as many high-quality site visits with the same advertising investment. By automating routine tasks, we saved time and were able to focus more strongly on the strategic level and searches holistically. This gave us a better starting point for continuous advertising and achieving long-term goals. We also managed to react agilely to categories important to our business in changing situations and to focus on new search engine advertising themes, which brings added value to our operations also in the long run.

Johanna Ekholm, Data-driven Marketing Strategist, Digital channels, K-Ryhmä

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