Cases 20.02.2020

Real-time marketing measurement boosted SATO’s digital marketing planning

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Dagmar and SATO – one of Finland’s largest landlords – have been determinedly advancing the measurement and optimisation of digital marketing for years in many different ways. The latest tool is contribution modelling developed by Dagmar, which can be used to optimize the effectiveness of digital marketing in real time at the channel and campaign level.

Contribution modelling measures the effectiveness of digital marketing without third-party cookies. They will be definitively removed during 2024. Contribution modelling provides a real-time view of the effectiveness of digital marketing that is updated every day with fully automated data pipelines. The engine is a genetic contribution algorithm developed by Dagmar, the basic idea of which is based on the theory of evolution.

We have been using attribution modelling with Dagmar for years. Now was the right time to move forward with new technology.

Laura Laamanen, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, SATO

Campaign-specific ID enables measurement and optimization even at the city level

SATO makes a lot of programmatic purchases. One “Real Time Bidding” category isn’t enough to optimize your marketing. In connection with the introduction of contribution modelling, a campaign ID was created for all SATO campaigns, which made the classification optimal. At SATO, programmatic purchasing is divided into e.g. housing portals, prospecting and retargeting marketing, even at the city level.
When the groundwork has been done well, measures can be measured and optimised at the media, campaign and city levels. In this way, the effectiveness of digital marketing can be improved even more precisely at all the levels mentioned above.

A new era of short-term measurement of marketing activities

Dagmar and SATO have been measuring the effectiveness of marketing for years using different methods – contribution modelling is the first fully real-time tool. It allows you to react very quickly to changes in channel- and campaign-level performance. It also improves the measurement of short-term tests.
Contribution modelling introduces a new system- and media-independent way of verifying the success of measures, replacing other ways of measuring digital marketing measures in the short term.

Contribution modelling makes it possible to measure all digital marketing channels comparably. It allows us to react quickly to changing situations and optimise our marketing: this way we ensure that residents looking for a new rental home find SATO’s homes as efficiently as possible.

Laura Laamanen, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, SATO