Cases 30.03.2021

Superkauppiaat TV-series brought plenty of good visibility to the K-Supermarket brand in a new way

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In spring 2021, the idea of the Superkauppiaat series, which aired on Nelonen and Ruutu, was to present a brand familiar to Finns in a new way. The positivity of the viewer feedback and commitment to the programme surprised the creators. Dagmar was responsible for planning the media coverage of the series in different channels.

K-Supermarket‘s customer promise is “A better grocery store than usual”. The slogan promises a lot, and Kesko has had to squeeze its justifications into 25–30-second advertising films or other marketing content.

Then came the idea of Superkauppiaat, a 10-part TV series with space for the brand for 42 minutes in each episode. The idea seemed great! The series dives into the everyday life of different K-Supermarket retailers operating in different parts of Finland. The reality-inspired show aired on Nelonen and Ruutu from March 2021 onwards, and the season reached nearly two million viewers.

Our challenge has always been that we have a lot to tell about K-Supermarkets. The show allowed us to be at the centre of events, i.e. the shops and the middle of real life, which we told about in depth in the episodes.

Jenni Kujala, Marketing Director, K-Supermarket

The coronavirus pandemic brought challenges to filming

Kesko had a large number of partners to assist in the planning and implementation of the Superkauppiaat: Yellow Film & TV produced the TV series, the programme was shown and advertised on Nelonen and Ruutu, which are part of Sanoma’s network, and the series’ advertising agency partner was Hasan & Partners.
Dagmar was responsible for the media planning of the TV series together with K-Supermarket.
All partners were involved almost from the beginning, which ensured the country’s top expertise for the new kind of visibility of the K-Supermarket brand.

There were plenty of challenges: the coronavirus pandemic hit Finland during the planning phase of the series, so it had to be taken into account in everything we did. It took a lot of time to go through the episodes, and when they came ten weeks in a row, the pace was fast.

We had a lot to think about: the series had to be absolutely genuine, and when it was a long TV show and not a short, recurring commercial, the design and production are different. At the same time, K-Supermarket’s updated brand had to be visible clearly and in just the right tone.

Jenni Kujala, Marketing Director, K-Supermarket


Images of K-Supermarket developed positively during the series. Viewer surveys revealed that the programme improved K-Supermarket’s brand image. Viewers also felt that retailers invest in customer service, take care of their staff and invest in the quality of the food they sell. During the series, the creators received good feedback from many different channels.

We were able to explain to Finns in a whole new way why K-Supermarket is a better grocery store than usual. In addition, or perhaps because of this, one in five respondents intended to visit K-Supermarkets even more after watching the series. The results were amazing.

Jenni Kujala, Marketing Director, K-Supermarket