In digital marketing, it’s important that your message appears in the right places and channels – but that’s only half the story. Visibility alone is not beneficial, and you won’t grow your business with traffic alone.

Instead of being product-oriented, websites aimed at increasing sales are built from customer needs, i.e. to answer the customer’s questions, as these contents move the customer forward in the purchasing process. When a company provides relevant information to the customer on its website, it guides towards a purchase decision. Based on these starting points, concrete goals and performance indicators can be set for the renewal of the company’s website.

Dagmar’s e-commerce development experts will work with you to ensure that your website works on a technically sound foundation, is well found in search engines, converts visitors into paying customers, and verifies success in goals and performance indicators. A functional website is also an important dimension for your brand: a positive user experience builds trust and makes it easier to engage customers.

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