Impactful marketing is at the heart of any successful business. Only by observing and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts can you be sure that your money- and time-consuming investments will produce the desired results and that you will target resources where they matter most.

Market research is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information about markets, consumers, competitors and trends. The goal of market research is to help a company make informed decisions and strategies.

Market research is directly linked to the effectiveness of marketing. In-depth market research helps you stay on top of the situation and get valuable data on your target group’s decision-making processes, the latest industry trends, consumer preferences, competitors in your market, and more.

Market research can be done in many different ways and can focus on different things. Examples of market research include:

  1. Consumer Survey: This research focuses on consumers and their needs, desires, behaviors, and preferences. It can help you understand what consumers want and how they make purchasing decisions.
  2. Competitor analysis: This is where the company’s competitors are analyzed: what products or services they offer, how they market them, what their market position is, and how their activities can be compared to their own company.
  3. Market size and trends: This can help you understand how big the potential market is, what its growth prospects are, and what trends are affecting the market.

Market research may include, for example, conducting surveys, interviews, focus groups, gathering data from existing sources, or analyzing data. Market research enables companies to develop their products and services, improve their marketing and sales, and make better business decisions.

Market research can focus on, for example, examining your company’s positioning or testing the campaign message together with the target group. The range of research methods is wide, but Dagmar will always provide strategic assistance in choosing the right solution. We also help you translate the research results into your organisation’s everyday life and operations. This is the only way you can get the most out of market research for your business.

The effectiveness of marketing can be measured with several different methods and models, such as econometric modelling, brand impact analysis or contribution modelling, which makes it easier to verify effectiveness, especially in the time after third-party cookies have been deleted.

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