NewsDagmar 12.12.2023

Dagmar is once again a Great Place to Work® certified™ company


Dagmar people 2022

The Great Place to Work® certificate is awarded for one year at a time and Dagmar received the recognition for the second year in a row.

The employee experience of Dagu employees tries to match the Finnish average

The employee experience measured by the Trust Index™ employee survey compared to a typical Finnish company is at a staggering level: 79% of Dagmar’s employees say that the company as a whole is a really good place to work. In a typical Finnish company, the corresponding figure is 38%.

Dagmar’s strengths

In favor of secretion (more than 90%), Dagu people rated the following:

  • Here, people are treated equally, regardless of origin.
  • Here people are given a lot of responsibility.
  • Here people care about each other.
  • Here I can be myself.
  • Our organization hires people who are a good fit here.

Of course, we also have room for improvement. We will focus more especially on resourcing, meaningfulness of work and equality.

This is what the Dagu people say

“Dagmar has a truly exceptional culture that is extremely warm and inclusive. As a new employee, I was amazed at how warmly I was received and how nice all the people were.”

“A high level of expertise in different teams, which means that the help of others can be used, for example, in different teams. developing new technologies for one’s own work. Internal development projects where you can learn e.g. innovation processes or the use of AI. Our customers are exceptionally large brands that you might not otherwise get to work with.”

More information from Great Place to Work -site.