Market Research

We provide all research services that support business intelligence. We start from business needs and provide tools for business development.

We help learn from the past and anticipate the future. We channel research-based data to guide daily business and decision-making, from product and service development to marketing choices.

We generate novel research solutions and process them to meet our clients’ needs in the best possible way.

Our services in the field of market research:
* B2C research * B2B research * qualitative and quantitative research * global research services * agile testing platforms * segmentation research * target group research and analyses * market potential assessment * positioning research * market trends * buying process research * product development research * pricing research * conjoint analyses * data fusion modelling * research on advertising recall and effectiveness * research audits and consulting * research data and web data integration * research data integration with CRM systems * research leveraging artificial intelligence * dashboard solutions * social media monitoring