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Let´s take a step towards the metaverse 

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At Dagmar, we believe that preparing for the future is never a bad thing. It is not only hugely inspiring and inspiring creativity (=fun), but also an absolute prerequisite for our business success, as for other companies. Right now, the most talked about future phenomenon is still the very abstract metaverse. It is a future that is built together. Dagmar’s CBO Teija Jokinen explains how to start the journey of change – by taking a peek into tomorrow with Dagmar’s futures workshop. 

“Nokia believes the metaverse will displace mobile phones as early as this decade.” * 

“The metaverse is only hype, user numbers are microscopic.” ** 

The debate for and against the metaverse is lively. Is it a rapidly approaching new normal and a business opportunity worth billions that we need to prepare for now, or do we wait another 10 years and see what happens? 

Dagmar’s and sister company RADLY’s Futures Thinking working group delves curiously into future themes and facilitates our continuous futures work with various tools and methods. With these lessons and experiences, we will also jump into the future work of our customers: how about  a Metaverse workshop where the thoughts of the team or the entire staff are tuned to the possibilities of the metaverse? 

In the workshop, we will open our eyes to possible futures, structure the possibilities of the metaverse and work on selected pieces all the way to concrete action. In the best-case scenario, we identify such exciting blanks that the management team can’t wait to take their Christmas holidays! 

We guarantee that you won’t leave the workshop empty-handed: in our own workshop, we found 170 metaverse ideas and created 15 concrete designs for the most promising ones. And just as important: 80 enthusiastic Dagula people walking out of the session, thinking outside the box, with their heads and hearts open to the future. 

The first step on the way to the metaverse is to understand what is at stake. That’s why we put together a metaverse guide – the first of its kind in Finland. The guide will provide you with a basic dose of metaverse information, and you will become familiar with the concepts. You can already do great with these snacks in coffee table conversations! We highly recommend reading the guide to all participants in metaverse workshops. 

All you need to participate in the workshop is an open mind (and support for it from the organization). No one can really predict the future, and in workshops no one is smarter than their friends. And it’s absolutely okay to be healthily skeptical too! 

Our skilled facilitators create an inspiring atmosphere for the event and guide the work with service design and futures design tools from painting the future towards concreteness. Working in a hybrid world is agile by combining digital tools and live work. On this journey, you usually also get inspiration from using new kinds of tools to support collaboration! 

Finally, if while reading this, you were left wondering “what the heck is the metaverse”, this is how Dagu people define it: 

  • The metaverse is not just a new channel, but part of a new transformation of the internet. It is a parallel reality that lives and coincides with the real world. 
  • The metaverse is a digital extension of the physical world that transcends the constraints of time and space. The metaverse is evolving as part of web 3.0, and its outcome and potential are not yet fully understood. Blockchain and NFT technologies are also an integral part of it. 
  • The metaverse is not device-dependent. The metaverse is currently strongly linked to VR headsets and games, but the possibilities are much wider and metaverse worlds can also be accessed through traditional tiles. 

Comments on the workshop: 

“At first, I wondered how we could develop anything here, but things went well. It was interesting and there was a good discussion. The metaverse is a very interesting future where you can really think outside the box.” 

“Even though the metaverse is still a pretty shady thing, this workshop felt pretty concrete – it’s nice that we designed concrete stuff for companies! So good tasks!” 

“Inspiring and creative. The tools also bring the necessary concreteness.” 




Written by

Teija Jokinen

Chief Business Officer – Creative


Teija is the CBO of Dagmar’s creative content business. Teija monitors the development of marketing with the eyes of a generalist strategist and believes in the beautiful marriage of data and creativity.

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