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What makes social media worth rewarding in 2024?

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Even five years ago, companies might have made posts reactively on Facebook and Instagram and execute sponsored bursts without specifying goals and metrics. Today, good and distinctive social media activities are noticed and invested in.
Our social media expert, Digital Strategist Emilia Liukko explains what unites the best social media work.

It moves something in you

Whether it’s for a competition entry or not, I think good social media in 2024 is one that have found its own voice and is noticed. It reaches and influences the target group and is goal-directed. It makes you feel something: surprises, amuses, or touches. It can solve a problem, provide information or peer support, or tell about the company’s values and other important key themes. It inspires you to try something new or makes you commit the wanted action. And even better if it’s a little exclusive to its community.

All of the above is possible through multi-channel thinking and content tailoring, when the social media strategy and channel roles have been carefully considered and updated, and aligned with overall marketing strategy. By the way, when was the last time your company updated its social media strategy?

Insightful channel planning

You don’t need to be in every social platform; everything for all is often nothing for anyone. However, eyes and mind is always good to keep open to new possibilities. What do our results look like, is our social media activities still serving as they are, or have our audiences changed or moved to other platforms?

In addition to the most common and established channels, one can additionally advertise in a large number of other platforms from Jodel to Pinterest, Twitch to Reddit and TikTok to Tinder, and also without organic presence. Crucial here is to keep social media activities aligned so that they meet the set goals and are recognizable throughout.

Social media activities worth rewarding are based on background research and the insight created from it. It resonates with the wanted target group, is remembered, it generates desired results and is inventive both in creative solutions and media use.

Understanding and interactive

The key to success is not the largest media budget but an understanding of who you are making social media for and what guides your audiences. What channels are they in and what kind of native charasterics exist in these channels. The same content should not be pushed everywhere as such, but messages, formats and lengths should be modified according to what’s optimal for respective channel.

Good social media is memorable and engaging. It often utilises or further refines current trends and phenomena fast. Who could have thought that the Finnish Tax Administration, formal and “boring” bureau, would use the theme of Temptation Island in its recruitment films.

Social media is social, so interaction from brand to users should also be visible, rather than just expecting one-sided love. Ryanair’s ironic and slightly picky community management is one good example.

Visually appealing 

Although I speak behalf of planning, I don’t mean visual assets should only be carefully polished and produced in a studio and look commercial – quite the opposite. Visually appealing content often originates in knowing the channels’ native tone and functionalities, as well as how to use and behave in them. Content can now be even a bit ugly but authentic and tailored to the channels. Heavy approval rounds and excessive alterations may take away the momentum.

I always encourage content designers to study the selected channel themselves, even if it’s not their favourite or otherwise actively, or at all, in use. It’s really hard to create relevant, authentic, and functional content without knowing the platform. One excel row of technical specifications is not enough. Familiar platforms and their algorithms are also evolving and renewing – what worked before may not do so as per now..

Smart phones are often good enough to shoot and edit interesting social media content. Final touches, safety zones, volume, animations, poll activations, and other possible elements to take into consideration is recommended to be checked by a professional – and always test the assets in their real (mobile) environment before going live.

Responsible collaboration

Social media users today are very aware and enlightened. More and more consumers appreciate and even demand, brands and influencers to take a stand on social themes, social responsibility and environmental issues. There is a danger of greenwashing, which will be exposed quickly by masses. Sustainability messages resonate right when they transparently stem from brand’s genuine values and act according to them.

Trends, users and algorithms change, but the power of collaboration remains. When creative content and media design lean on each other and speak the same language, and everyone has a common understanding of what they want to achieve, the best and most rewarding outcome is achieved. The creative solution is the painting, media distribution its frame.

Do you want to do reward-worthy social media marketing? Let´s do it together!


Emilia Liukko

Digital Strategist, Social


Emilia works as a digital and social media strategist, and she has gained experience as an expert both in offices and in-house. Emilia always strives to find the best, solve problems and come up with new solutions – both for customers and in internal processes.
Emilia is curious, follows the industry closely and is development-oriented. In her free time, Emilia lights up from travelling, the sun, festivals, karaoke, loose candy and friends.

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